Updating a split entry

Daria pointed out that the in-memory part is held in the Sqlite connection, so I create one options (which uses the Sqlite connection) and used that to create two separate Db Context instances – thanks Daria.

The important lines are 27 to 30, where I load in the Book, with its Book Author linking collection accessed via the Book’s Author Links property, and I read in the Author that the user wants to add.

Estimation/updating of Origin–Destination (OD) flows and other traffic state parameters is a classical, widely adopted procedure in transport engineering, both in off-line and in on-line contexts.

Notwithstanding numerous approaches proposed in the literature, there is still room for considerable improvements, also leveraging the unprecedented opportunity offered by information and communication technologies and big data.

When Save Changes is called on line 24 it finds that the Author Links property of the book instance it loaded has changed.It has a Book entity linked its Author(s) entities via a Book Author table.The database diagram below shows the three tables, with the foreign key links from the Book Author linking table to the other two tables.By way of example, applications to both off-line/planning and on-line algorithms are presented, together with a demonstration of the extensibility of the presented framework to accommodate additional data sources.The example I am going to use is one taken from the book I am writing.

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