Updating apt get

Not shown on the graph, but the offset due to a CPU-heavy task (recompiling NTP from source, taking about 25 minutes) resulted in a 20 s positive excursion, followed by a 10 s negative excursion as temperatures cooled and NTP recovered.

When using a u-blox MEO-6M GPS module, with its PPS pin connected to the GPIO 24 pin for a kernel-mode "ATOM" ref-clock, similar results are obtained.

There is a model-B (shown and used below), and a lower-spec model-A which may become available at some time in the future.

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The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card size computer, available from distributors across the world.Note: these graphs are not all to the same vertical scale!The resulting performance is good, but it will depend on both the loading of the link between me and the ISP, and the general load on the ISP's network and the general Internet.heavy rain - it's possible that a layer of snow could attenuate the signal enough to stop the GPS receiving enough signal.Monitoring performance may help you spot these problems.

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