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Unfortunately nothing happens whn i do as instructed. 3UK was preventing my new n/w provides 3G details to get copied into Phone (that’s violation right).

But this fixt worked for me (every thing same as Pike said).

My main reason for updating the firmware is the 3g signal in my house is bad, hold the hand set out of a window or the door its great LOL.

I am a bit wary of unbranding as I only just got it, but happy with coverage everywhere else and use.

Are you sure you’ve changed the product code sucessfully with NSS, did you read the code again to check its worked?

I’ve put instructions together on how to change the Product Code of your E71 and update the firmware to the latest Generic EURO1 version. Install latest version of NSS from B-Freaks (as Virtual device) 2. Unfortunately, your product code did not work for my particular phone (0569371).

Connect E71 phone via USB cable (PC Suite connection mode) 3. Another website had a similar approach as yours and their product code did work for my phone.

I dont understand, how can two E71’s can have the same product code?

More over, after i change the product code & start upgrading, at the end it gives an error & asks me to remove cable, charger & battery and retry again.

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