Fuck alits for free with free chat

It features a My SQL back-end saving system for players and vehicles along with some mini-admin functionality (Nothing that allows spawning but to monitor players).

Fuck alits for free with free chat-40

Author cannot be modified via but can be extended in * All of my code is not to be used outside of the mission in another ‘Life’ like mission.

This originally started as Stratis Life, I got interested in building this when a group of people decided to make one from scratch and I commend them for that but at that time it didn't seem like well...

They were ready to build such a system and I thought I could make it better and more robust and so I did.

Many of you may be familiar with older life missions from ARMA 2.

This comes with some of the basics expected to be in a life mission but built from the ground up from scratch.

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