Validating packages os x

Here’s a minimal example that exhibits the problem on Sketch Up 20 on OS X El Capitan 10.11.3: require 'sketchup.rb' show_ruby_panel() $toolbar_test_bool = false cmdtext = "Toolbar Test" cmd = UI:: cmd.set_validation_proc toolbar = UI::"Toolbar Test") toolbar.add_item(cmd) This is a known issue.Under OSX they update only when the active tool updates. Under OSX they update only when the active tool updates.I hope this doesn’t lead to any problems with the active tool. Under Windows it’s different as the update is done continuously by the main UI thread - but that’s all in OS specific land so it doesn’t translate to OSX.Yes, I’ve tested it, and we need to pop the invalid tool to get back to the previous tool. Being able to changing the state of the button is quite important to design a intuitive UI and make the plugin fit in to Sketch Up (match Make Component, Face Style, Display Section Cut/Plane etc).Starting with Debian 3.1 ("Sarge"), the package and all its dependencies are included in the official Debian distribution, and can be installed by running the command Software License.If you just want to glance at the code, or see its revision history, you can browse it directly in Github.

The installer will place it in usr/bin, so it should be usable anywhere.

The most interesting files are currently a CGI script called "check" that does pretty much everything, and possibly also the configuration file snippet for Apache.

Select the topmost revision numbers on these pages to see the most recent revision of each file.

If you don’t need to look at OS X’s font support in particular, I’d recommend Microsoft’s Font Validator, as it seems to test much more and report back in much greater detail, while also being much nicer to use.

If you’re stuck with OS X, however, I hope this has been useful.

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