Oracle auto updating

If I can't get help here, I'll probably just go under my desk and cry while eating glue and rocking back and forth until they either fire me or have me committed.If you do that then Firefox will report the current version AND check for and initiate an update.If Firefox is updating when it should not then please try to explain what happens and if others can reproduce the issue a bug should be filed.

File System Object") 'create object to get system info Set obj Net = Create Object("WScript.I have to use version 51 so that I can use Java to open Oracle (I refuse to use IE).I have checked the box to never check for updates, Mozilla updated anyway.So far, since re-installing this morning it has deleted the updates folder twice, and that's after I went in and deleted it right after re-installing.So much for "never check for updates."\App Data\Local\Mozilla\Updates 'if you can't tell, i like to document my work through comments.

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