Who is phyllis george dating

The lady spent around six years of her career working as a reporter and presenter at the telecasting media.After leaving WJLA/Newschannel8, the lady began serving as a national correspondent at CNN media.

I’d like to see more women get involved, as long as they retain their femininity.” Remarks about “retaining femininity” do not endear Phyllis to feminists, most of whom would rather have seen the ill-fated Jane Chastain become the first female sports-media star.The lady also actives on playing basketball, poker, horse racing and eating pizza and as well as traveling and shopping.So it seems that the lady has very happy with her salary and satisfies her assets and property with and also enjoyed with her net worth.At her first assignment, the 1974 Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix, Phyllis found she had nothing to do but “stand around and look terrific” in a Western outfit. Perhaps the most famous was with Roger Staubach, the stolid-citizen quarterback of the Cowboys, whom she cajoled into declaring, “I like sex as much as Joe Namath.“I went back to New York and told the producers, ‘We have to sit down and define my role.’ They said, ‘Okay, go up to Boston and interview Dave Cowens.’ ” Her talk with the thoughtful, laconic Boston Celtic star upgraded her job description and she clinched it tackling O. I just like it with one person, my wife.” But George’s greatest day in sport came with coach Bill Fitch of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. ” Not all of her shtiks have panned out as happily.

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