Automatic updating map

Although the examples here are configured for specific data models and architecture, in principle, the flexibility of axpand system allows it to be configured for any data model or infrastructure.To make automation as effective as possible, automation components must be part of a recurring set of process steps which maintain the manual changes to map data and allow intervention at any step of the process chain.This can be done without waiting for the entire data set to be updated.

Illustration 2a shows data after the first import from the DLM data. An example of how an initial generalization takes place is as follows: A DLM road object is delivered from the primary data base to the automation component.

Objects that are manually changed are automatically stored as DCM objects and also maintain a relationship to the source object.

The system maintains a history of all the changes the object ungoes over time so that objects that have been manually edited are considered during recurring automatic updating.

In order to meet the need for ever-increasing recurring, efficient and short updating cycles, Axes Systems’ cartography system have been integrated into several map production process scenarios.

Using case studies from the field, this article describes some of the ways that the axpand is currently being used for automatic map production.

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