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The most confident people in Britain are retired engineers and lawyers living in East Anglia who have a car, no mortgage and grandchildren, according to new research.

A study found that people's age, whether they were married and if they were home or car owners all played a role in life confidence.

Later writers produced fictitious accounts of his life, asserting that he was born in 841, the son of Æthelweard, an obscure East Anglian king, whom it was said Edmund succeeded when he was fourteen (or alternatively that he was the youngest son of a Germanic king named Alcmund).

Later versions of Edmund's life relate that he was crowned on 25 December 855 at Burna (probably Bures St.

The East of England, with 32 per cent, was the most confident region while the South West with 18 per cent was the least, and those who work or have worked in law, engineering and architecture scored highest - 33 per cent in each - while HR workers scored lowest with just 11 per cent saying they spent more than three weeks a month in a confident mood.

For the nation as a whole, health and wealth considerations both help to build confidence.

Mary in Suffolk), which at that time functioned as the royal capital, and that he became a model king.

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According to one legend, his head was then thrown into the forest, but was found safe by searchers after following the cries of an ethereal wolf that was calling, in Latin, "Hic, Hic, Hic" – "Here, Here, Here".

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It suggested that being married can provide emotional stability, owning a home provides financial stability and having a car means the independence to get out and about.

Not working or commuting also takes away a lot of the daily stress which affects younger Brits, while having grandchildren means they get the benefit of young children without all the responsibility, the study found.

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