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It’s not meant to be an exercise in self-righteous back-patting, so I try to approach it in the spirit of St. Recollect childhood vices, and consider how fearsome they might have grown but for God’s grace and the blessed interference of prudent adult guardians.Every time I play this game, I find something new to appreciate in my parents, and in the other wise and loving people who helped me to get my start in life.None of those features leave my sons remotely confused about the difference between “mom” and “dad.” With proper care, all of my rejectionist childhood impulses could be harmoniously incorporated into a more mature, but still feminine, adult self.Imagine, now, how my life might have gone if I had been raised by modern, liberal parents.In the end, it’s impossible to say what exactly the burden of “gender nonconformity” might have done to me.I have to think, however, that it would have diminished the chances of my ending up happily married, and the mother of three healthy children.My distaste for the oversexualized, vulgar overtones of girl-directed products was healthy. The latter eventually found a healthier outlet through the advanced study of philosophy.And as for my rejection of “girliness,” I must say that marriage and motherhood eventually softened my attitude towards feminine things.

I will not get into the details of this legislation, since they have already been discussed quite recently here on but I think it is fairly clear that the left is looking to normalize transgenderedness through legislation like ENDA.

Every minor choice or preference would begin to seem like a “gender identity” cue.

I can picture my younger self wondering anxiously whether my distaste for romantic comedies was really a reaction to the cliché plots and terrible scripting, or whether it was the manifestation of a deep-seated masculinity that no perfume or Avon product would ultimately be able to suppress.

When I want to appreciate how fortunate I have been in my life, I sometimes play a little game.

I go to a mainstream media site such as the Huffington Post, and imagine what my life might have been like if I had been raised by people who thought that way.

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