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It’s validating for them now, but might not feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot.

Nonetheless, the precedent has been set, and what’s good for the goose may be good for the gander, later on down the road in some shape or form.

It seems that minor sexual inferences—even ambiguous transgressions—are now fertile ground for indignation and harsh corporate review, no matter how long ago they’re purported to have happened.

And far too many now accept the rightness of it all as a foregone conclusion.

Might #Me Too backfire and result in I can’t help but wonder what will arrive next in the wake of this crusade, though in all honestly I needn’t to wonder too long.

It strikes me as no coincidence that the desired targets of Me Too have been the usual suspects: powerful males.

The idea that women are always innocent and need special protection in the workplace from sexual innuendos and ribald humor isn’t new; it far predates Me Too, but with this movement, the polarizing rhetoric, especially in a culture of microaggressions and victimhood, has increased tenfold.

Actress Kristy Alley irreverently asserted that it’s madness for people to lose their jobs over anonymous allegations. We now live in a country where people lose their jobs when accused of something without proof or trial or in some cases with anonymous accusers? During a Q&A prior to the 20th-anniversary screening of the film comedian and political commentator John Oliver pestered Dustin Hoffman on stage in front of a live audience over recent allegations levied against the actor.

What Oliver was really doing falls easily under the category of grandstanding to court controversy by putting due process on the chopping block in favor of politically motivated delirium over women, sex, and propriety. At a time when a tidal wave of righteous anger is riding high, it’s easy to go along with the crowd and kick smeared male CEOs, actors, and politicians in the proverbial balls, even if the accusers are anonymous and facts immaterial.

Indeed, the heads of the accused are rolling in the court of public opinion.

People are losing their jobs and being defamed, in some cases over allegations made by faceless sources.

Decades of activism have lead us to this moment of vindication for feminists who have long insisted upon and decried the ubiquity of “rape culture.” But rest assured there will likely be a reckoning for the hysteria of framing an aggressive flirtation or unwanted touch with grotesque lechery, wanton abuse of power, or even .

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