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They want one long lick of each pit and then they are done with you.You will keep the taste of your Goddesses on your tongue all day from your place in the closet.If you reach that point, just make sure you are clear on what you really want yourself, say what you need to say and be done with the conversation.Don’t drag it out into a conversation that you keep revisiting.That always results in the guy becoming more withdrawn.After all, why would he want to commit himself more to a girl who’s nagging him already, right at the beginning of a relationship!If you like this guy, go with what seems to be working best with him – give him space and let him put the effort in.

Super hot close ups of four hot armpits and you'll be so close you can imagine your tongue servicing all of them.In regards to this guy, you asked if it’s OK for you to initiate plans.In general, there’s nothing wrong with you initiating plans with a guy.I think he’s a normal guy and I think you are handling the situation well.Sooner or later he will figure it out and, as long as you’re patient, there’s a good chance he could get into a stable relationship with you.

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