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I do think the majority of 45 people in here are not ready & the ones who are get into a relationship fairly quickly.But that is just my opinion There are probably many reasons why people are afraid to meet or interact with other people, either on this site or in person. It can bring out a lot of apprehension about yourself, the opposite sex, the world, dating or anything else.Check out some singles groups in your area - I bet money the members will know where the local over 40 clubs are...Joe Personally if I was in a dance bar with a bunch of my girl friends, and a guy asked me to dance - I woul be flattered, not offended and most likely dance with him in appreciation of the fact that he had just braved a group of women to ask ME to dance. just my opinion as one woman If I was with a group of my friends at some place that had music, people talking, people dancing, (whether there was drinking or not), and someone came up to me to ask me to dance, (hey they just might! I never can hold my body still when there is music with any sort of 'beat' going on around me!!There was a great one in Arlington Texas - Reflections - but the new Cowboys stadium bulldozed it.All the folks moved to a nearby club - in a local hotel...Recognizing that you still have to find some chemistry and attraction, knowing what I want and what I am looking for really establishes a level of confidence that makes meeting people online or in person a bit easier. Dallas is about 20 miles away but when I lived in Dallas, I did things that now I think 'that's is an hours drive one way and .00 in gas.'I love to go to art house movies and I was about 10 minutes from two in Dallas (which did not exsxt when I lived there for 11 years).

I am affraid of finding out that may not be what I really want after all. I 've overcome and adapted to being single and in my forties, and whil being in a relationship, being part of a whole sounds great; am I willing or capable adapting , AGAIN? Everyone has a right to be at the stage they are in.If they recently ended a LTR, became widowed or divorced, my sympathy to them. If they are sincerely looking for a new relationship- kudos to them too!I started this thread merely making opbservations about what I encountered one particular night in one particular place & everyone ran w/ it.), I would either say, #1."thank you, I'd love that" or#2."thanks for asking but I'm really into a discussion at the moment, maybe later? "thanks for asking but tonight was pre-planned for a lady chat time with my girlfriends".

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