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It will instead start the process of notifying you that suspicious activity has been reported on your account. After the ISP receives the complaint and identifies you via IP address, it will send an online alert, likely via email, with a warning that your account might have been used for downloading illegal content.

The message will include educational resources for how not to be a pirate. If you read it and stop illegal downloading, you're good.

The theory was simple: disks handed around for repeated unlawful duplication couldn’t be trusted, especially after they’d been passed between many different users, any one of whom could have infected them along the way, whether through carelessness or malevolence.

Ironically, perhaps, a lot of software piracy back then involved simply copying a friend’s copy using low-level disk cloning software, itself usually pirated, that made precise and perfect copies.

The system allows you to request an independent review before any of those mitigation measures are put into place, but it will cost you .

We took a look at the new plan and some of the top questions that have emerged since the announcement. Record labels, movie studios, and ISPs have joined forces for an industry-led warning system that will notify users when they are suspected of illegally downloading music, TV shows, or movies. Since then, ISPs have issued warnings on their own terms, but this agreement creates one system that major ISPs will follow. Your ISP is not keeping tabs on your Internet activity.

(c) DNS Leak Protection: This is built-in and ensures that DNS requests are made through the VPN on a safe, private, no-log DNS daemon.

(d) Shared IP System: We mix clients’ traffic with many other clients’ traffic through the use of an anonymous shared-IP system ensuring that our users blend in with the crowd.

Most virus infections, in fact, came from data disks, or even from otherwise blank disks, that contained what were known as boot sector viruses.

Every disk, pirated or not, code or data, full or empty, had a boot sector, and if you left an infected floppy in your computer by mistake when you turned it on, the infection would spread when the boot sector loaded.

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