Fun dating ideas

Not to mention, it can make it more fun — especially with a significant other.

In fact, another study from researchers at Indiana University found that married adults were far more productive and motivated when they attended fitness classes with their partner than those who attended classes alone.

And, although it’s easy to gather together last minute, sometimes planning a night full of activities and snacks can create amazing memories and stronger friendships.

Caramel is classic, but there are so many mouthwatering ways to dress up your favorite apple.

It doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is that you talk, laugh, cry, agree, disagree, and always part ways with an “I love you.” Once a month is a good benchmark for special one-on-one dates with your child.

In this recent Facebook convo with some of our fantastic readers, Stacy L.

Or, cut each idea into a strip and place it in a jar.When it’s time for your date, pull one out and let fate decide!Here’s to logging in 10,000 hours of fun, unique individual time with our children.Fourth, at the end of the day, post a lovey picture of the two of you on her Facebook page for her and her friends to 'like.' Finally, send her a digital invitation with the exact location for your Valentine's date. Many local wine bars allow you to stop by and taste several options before deciding on your favorite selection.Remember to take photos along the way and share them on all of your social media accounts so everyone can see how you celebrated with you love. Take your date to a bar known for their wine tastings, where you both can get a wine card for samples and compare notes.

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