Ex girlfriend now dating white trash

The legal papers indicate Elmira is looking for a sum which will accommodate a lifestyle for her daughter that is "proportionate with [her father's] vast wealth and income".

She also wants to carry out a paternity test in case Ozer denies any relation to the child, and is seeking full custody of the child.

Even idiots can make money in a bull market and the two of them did swimmingly. So they bought a picturesque house in the suburbs of the Twin Cities. And his timing could not be better, for it was at the peak of the housing bubble. And sure enough I was avenged for where I am down with The Force and The Force is down with me is that she still had her name on the mortgage. As the housing market dried up neither her nor her ex-husband could garner the cash flow to finance their material possessions. Additionally through the grape-vine I found out she was living in a run down section 8 ghetto apartment on the north side of St. So what's the moral of the story aspiring junior and deputy economists? One - avoid "amazingly" attractive women because they're just not worth the time. Two, more of an economic lesson of the day, don't loan to sub prime people.

And what do young 20 something American boys and girls with no fiscal austerity do when they make 0,000? They had the interior all done up to perfectly suburbanite perfection. Because not only are they primarily idiots and morons, they're CALLED SUB PRIME FOR A REASON!!!!!

Using a colleague to offer a sum of money to Elmira, she received a message from Ron's friend which reportedly read: "He wants to help you out and take care of this. I'm sure he would have no problem with 50k-75,000 ."Sticking to her guns, Elmira went ahead with the pregnancy and gave birth to a baby girl in September this year.

This isn't the only chance for you to have children. He'd be willing to offer a lump sum of money to you . But despite the fact Ron had previously offered to throw money at his former partner, she's received absolutely nothing from the wealthy businessman.

Now I like to think that there is poetic justice in the world, that karma comes back and bitch-slaps the people that so righteously deserve whatever come-uppance may be in store for them. And that force is again the most powerful force in the world; Economics. And so they did becoming one of the many people to have not only a HEL but an ARM as well.

And in the case of my ex's this usually takes the form of them getting fat, getting divorced or in several cases them going out with a starving-artist/drug-dealer/criminal/loser that just parasites off of them. And it just so seemed that karma had decided to use The Force as the vehicle by which to deliver poetic justice to my ex. Now what was missing from this perfectly picturesque suburbanite story is an affair!

So now she wants him to pay up, and she's asking for a lot. Always happy, always wanting to make everybody around him laugh. Among them, dating really, really ridiculously good looking women.Suddenly the stuffy, fiscally responsible economist doesn't look so bad (and sadly this story seems to be universal across all men I know of my generation). For you see, previous to all the dance and romance the ex was married to a young preppy wanna be. Well how does one afford a Corvette when you spent all your money in the past year on a house and furnishing? And desperate to live true to the American way of life, the young woman decided to start having an affair whilst her husband thought he was living the life with a beautiful wife and a Vette.They got married at the early stages of the housing bull market and enticed by the false concept of getting rich quick both of them went into business as mortgage brokers. Naturally, they being mortgage brokers, the answer was "a home equity loan! Soon enough the picturesque-ness wore off quickly as the husband found out she was having an affair. And several months later I run into the girl who was going to become my ex. But as I slowly find out over the course of several months what kind of girl she is and then abruptly find out upon finding out she was sleeping with the same affairee, she is plagued not by the divorce, but the lengthening time by which it is taking to sell the house (that and the crushing loss of me of course! By this time I was out of the deal but still wanted to see if karma was ever going to avenge my lost time, money and resources wasted on this girl. It put a big smile on my face to see in the papers that they had their house foreclosed on and that her life was now ruined.

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