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Sugar Weddings You planned your weddings yourself, how long did it take? Ifeoma: Be as involved as you can with your wedding preparations and be prayerful.

Ifeoma: It took me three months to plan them and I had to consider my culture (Efik) and his (Itsekiri). I wish I could have lost more body fat and I didn't stress out so much about doing aso-ebi for my friends. Congratulations Ifeoma and Kelly, may this be the beginning of the best days of your lives.

Time and time again, we are reminded that the evidence of our abuse is still not enough to warrant meaningful public discussion about our realities. Being both "black" and "woman" means acknowledging the perverse relationship between our race, features, and society.

One of the characteristics of this complex relationship is denying humanity to black women.

We have normalized the labor of black women, just as much as we have normalized discrediting that labor.

And even within the black community, as black women have led several online and on-the-ground efforts immediately after the brutal killings of and violence toward black men and boys, it appears that black men, in masse, have not reciprocated the same swift action when the victim looks like their mother, sister, or daughter.

Last month's Democratic National Convention (DNC) was a much-needed political morale boost, compared to the Republican kabuki theater held a week prior. Yet the all too familiar absence of mainstream media coverage has me questioning whether I am truly equipped to survive America.

Black girls are six times more likely to be suspended than their white peers, largely because they are perceived to be "unruly, loud, and unmanageable," and thus treated more harshly than their counterparts.

A week later, however, after returning from a who engaged in a standoff to serve her a warrant. Why does it appear that neither educational access nor occupational achievement results in me being treated similarly to my non-black female counterparts?

Three black women who were alive when the nation witnessed the proverbial glass ceiling shatter as the first woman became the presidential nominee of a major party.

As a graduate student, Amah served as a co-facilitator and graduate mentor for the UCLA Academic Advancement Program (AAP) Mentoring Programs, developing honors seminars focused on honing academic writing skills and using research to critically examine the experiences of minority graduate students and faculty.

As a graduate mentor, she hosted one-on-one counseling sessions and facilitated workshops for first-generation, low income and underrepresented undergraduate students interested in graduate programs.

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