Who is jill bennett dating

You peeps need to realize that people will have bad opinions about Jill. Put saying if someone wasn't a lesbian they would be doing straight porn is a personal attack without merit towards Jill & women. I think Jill alienated a lot of devoted, old fans with her weird antics.

She appears every week online and she may do things that people find annoying. That's what you get for being an internet "Star". People on Jill's fan forum( I lurk there every once in a while) really loved Jamie.

There are a lot of working actors in the business who are making a living and will garner modest success. She has everything to make it big( by that I mean have a role on a decent tv show) but still nothing.

Yes but she got "famous"( better word would be known) because she appears on an internet vlog. She converted because she and Jamie wanted to get married.

Did anyone listen to the radio show that Jamie was on earlier this week?

Somoene on DL mentioned it, but I forgot to listen.

feel sorry for them that the whole thing has become such a drama.

It has to be tough to try to move on when you feel like everybody in the world is talking about it.

So she ended up resigning herself to a private existence, deciding she wanted marriage and kids and the whole picket fence scenario.

Apparently Jamie showed up to gather the last of her belongings during the vlog with Karman, Dara and Bridget and they had a bit of a throw down.

That's why Jill supposedly went off on a tangent because Jamie had embarassed her in front of her AE girls.

People attributed everything to her past relationship. P vlog and she was saying how she was PAINFULLY wrong about spending your life with someone, bitterly proclaimed how all lesbians get engaged at some point... While watching the vlogs the way Jill behaved I thought her ex cheated on her. They were all filmed prior to everyone seeing them on AE.

Jill wrote on her forum that she made one innocent comment. And unfortunately that was the beginning of the end.

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