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Siu-Sa is very angry that Siu-Hor let Tai-Cho take the Moonlight Bakery name and decides to sue Yun-Hung and Tai-Cho for the Moonlight Bakery franchise. Wing-Ka lacks interest in managing the bakery; instead, he is addicted to the stock market.

With Siu-Hor and Hou-Yuet's encouragement and support, he is able to quit gambling. Ling Chi Shun causes So-Sum to abandon her feelings for Wing-Ho.

Wing-Ka eventually falls for his cousin, Siu-Sa's daughter, Ka Mei. She and Chi-Shun begin a relationship, but as it turns out, Chi-Shun already has a girlfriend named Wing-Lam.

Despite Chi-Shun not having feelings for Wing-Lam, he feels indebted to her because she had helped him so much in the past.

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Later, she begins developing feelings for Wing-Ka, however the appearance of Ka Mei causes Yuet to become jealous.Wanting to destroy their happiness, Yan-Hung tells Ka Mei to hold a meeting to reveal that Wing-Yuen killed someone.However, seeing the error of her ways, Ka Mei instead reveals the Yan-Hung killed Sheh Gwan-Lai.Moonlight Resonance (Traditional Chinese: 溏心風暴之家好月圓) is a 2008 grand production HDTV drama by TVB.It is a spiritual sequel to 2007's award-winning series, Heart of Greed featuring most of the original cast members.

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