Who is guy sebastian dating

The musician, who has been with his wife Jules Sebastian since forever (they started dating in high school and now have two adorable boys together, Hudson and Archie), revealed that he actually dated an Australian pop star for a few months at the start of his career — and it was none other than his fellow Sony Music label mate Delta Goodrem!

How has the creative process of Conscious differed to your previous albums?In an Instagram photo posted before midday, he screenshot a headline that said he had a fling with Delta while dating Jules, and wrote, "What????! Bahaha nope no fling, we hung out a few times while I was very much single. Someone also asked me today on radio if I was a juggler in a circus. #strangeday." Guy Sebastian kind of dropped a bombshell this morning when he stopped by KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O show. I guess something else to add is that I spent way longer on this project than any other before it. The release date got pushed back but I’m glad I didn’t settle until I was really happy with it. How do you think your recent mental and physical goals have fuelled your upcoming album? I pushed through the pain and saw a physiotherapist a couple of times a week and eventually worked my body to a point where strangely my core was strong to support my injuries and now I have no pain!When I wanted to give up during a high-intensity workout I would actually say to myself “cmon dude keep going if you don’t give up on this then later today you won’t give up in the studio when you hit a wall!

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