Dating courtship absolutely

The church is doing a poor presentation of sexual morality; prevention of child sexual abuse and sexual impurity within the congregation and the pulpit.“We can no longer talk about fornication, homosexuality and ignore child sexual abuse, and the process for dating and marriage.” – Ressurrection Graves My bishop wrote several books and one of them outlined that in fact as Christians we are not supposed to date casually, rather we wait on God to bring us the person that he has ordained for our lives and we would become engaged and married.

” One lady told me that she dated a famous boxer (before he became famous), and that he cheated on her and broke her heart.Of course, the support goes both ways, only furthering my point that for Christ’s sake, we do need each other in one capacity or another.Each individual person has a different set of needs, and desires.She went to God and prayed that night that she didn’t want to be promiscuous so she solicited God for a husband and two months later – BAM! They have been married for about fifteen years now, and have three children. In this blog, I am going to answer your single, Christian questions and I pray that it makes you free to be who you are in spite of critics and traditionalists who would rather be liked, than righteous.I assure you, I had no such answered prayer however, I did have the other experience that people kept telling me was possible. Disclaimer: This blog is not up for debate or debacle.

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