Us dating reality series

Contestants look for love while trying to avoid the pitfalls of confinement such as mystery-meat lunch, body cavity checks and having feces and urine bombs flung at them.

Dating Behind Bars gives a whole new meaning to getting shanked. You've been delinquent on your taxes for years and now the IRS has placed a lien on your financial assets.

Dating with Grandma Guess who's joining you on your first date? seek love despite frequent mood-killing interruptions to answer such questions as: When is my doctor appointment? I wonder what that truck is doing across the street?

Will this lucky couple find love before Grandma asks them to fix her cell phone so she can watch on the Internet?

This can be a serious blemish on your credit history--but not your love life!

Watch Lien Love to discover if these couples who owe Uncle Sam can find love in the time of collateral.

The minutes will fly by like seconds as couples try to stick to the agenda during soul-sucking company meetings.Each man would get 60 seconds to make his case, and the girls had the chance to, essentially, swipe right or left.If two women chose the same guy, he got to pick between them—turning the tables and giving us the drama we craved oh, so much.Whether its laughing gas or Novocain, the spit will fly as young couples mumble words of endearment through cotton-filled mouths.You'll drool for more episodes of Drilling for Love.

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