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Strong feelings of guilt and shame are also commonly noted among people with sexual addiction, and this may prevent them from seeking professional treatment and reaching recovery.Like other addictions, with professional help, people living with sexual addiction can return to an addiction-free life, and lead their spouse and family to recovery as well.Sex addiction is one of the most common terms for a form of non-substance-related behavioral addiction that centers on a dysfunctional use of sexual fantasy, sexual thought and/or sexual activity.

If we decide that we have the disease of sexual compulsion, the first step toward recovery is to admit that we are powerless over our condition and that it makes our lives unmanageable.One of the underlying reasons for the use of so many terms is a lack of a single definition for sex addiction in the U. The American Psychiatric Association (popularizers of the term hypersexual disorder) came close to creating a standard definition in 2013, but ultimately failed to do so.Whatever the name used to describe it, sex addiction has features that include the use of sexual activity, thought or fantasy as an inappropriate coping mechanism for unwanted feelings or problems; an inability to limit the amount of time spent on sexual activity, thought or fantasy; a preoccupation with sex in non-sexual situations; exposure to clearly negative personal or social outcomes associated with sexual activity, thought or fantasy; and continued inappropriate or excessive involvement in sexual activity, thought or fantasy after exposure to clearly negative outcomes.Spiritually, we feel disconnected from others, especially from relationships we want to be healthy ones.SCA members have devised the Twenty Questions to help newcomers decide whether they are sexually compulsive.

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