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In 2009, NH and Spanish chain Hesperia agreed to merge their respective hotel management businesses.Thanks to this transaction, NH Hoteles took over management of the 51 hotels owned and operated at the time by Hesperia.Ecomeeting is a sustainability-driven concept for the organisation of events, congresses and conventions which implies an environmentally-friendly use of energy resources as well as the use of low impact, fair-trade products.That same year, the Company innovated again with the NH Sustainability Club, an in-house think tank for creative eco-conscious product and service development.In parallel, the Company moved its customer management operations forward by centralising reservations for its main operating markets.Also in 2010, the Company received several prizes for various facets of its corporate responsibility effort, including awards for its involvement in community projects, its employee-motivation initiatives and its efforts to engage its suppliers in the development of environmentally-friendly projects.One year later, this new strategic direction culminated with the merger of the former COFIR and NH Hoteles.

As part of its strategic efforts to foster culture, in 1998 the chain launched NH Stock Art, travelling exhibitions in the vicinity of the Group’s hotels in a bid to support the work of upcoming artists.Throughout these years, NH Hoteles continued to earn accolades in nearly all its lines of initiative.By way of illustration, its room designs picked up the European Hotel Design Awards in London.NEW PRODUCTS, SUSTAINABILITY PLEDGE AND INTERNATIONAL CONSOLIDATION In recent years the Group’s unflagging environmental commitment has emerged as one of the cornerstones articulating all of the Company’s initiatives.In 2010, NH Hoteles launched a pioneering product, Ecomeeting, in the MICE segment.

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