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Star power: Beneath a sacred tree on the summit of a hill overlooking the South African veldt, Sir Richard Branson's son and heir Sam tied the knot with society blonde Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe The ginger one apparently thinks it might excite too much speculation to attend a family wedding with his girlfriend this early in the relationship.He may have had to flee back to Vegas if Cressida caught the bouquet.Don't forget they need to look fashionable and classy at the same time!Royal Princess Dating : Beautiful Princess Antonia is preparing for a romantic dating with her handsome prince. They met a few days ago and both could feel it was love at first sight. Both come from royal families so they need to dress according to their backgrounds.Could you please prepare this young couple for their special day?

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But, if they had ranked her maybe 25 or 30 we could have gotten her.

I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, eating at restaurants, and being outdoors.

I am a professional and take my job seriously, and want to be very successful. I am looking for a serious relationship, and want to build a life with someone.

Give her a helping hand and she will be very thankful to you!

Check out her wardrobe and dress the princess up as beautiful as possible! Click the menu buttons, then click the items you like best from each category to dress the princess up.

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