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E-mails aside, even porn websites target these insecure males, promising major below the belt enhancements with a simple *and terrifying* penis pump, pill, exercise, or practice.

While big dicks may not be hitting mainstream media the way women’s so-called “perfect bodies” are, the pressure is definitely out there!

They don’t conform and usually don’t have a desire to conform. Omega males are the last place according to the terms of society (socially, at least).

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However, a good omega male definition is guy who has checked out of the mainstream completely.Perfect bodies: large boobs, shaven genitals, bleached butts, and giant penises. Studies show that women would much prefer girth over length, and would take an average-sized penis over a monster dick any day!It’s no wonder your man is going to start to feel a little self-conscious about what he’s got going on downstairs, when the porn industry has shown him that a giant penis is what’s going to make a woman scream. In fact, giant penises even have their own featured on porn websites. When they’re big, they take a lot of extra prep-work, they may hurt, and can make certain positions feel like a nightmare.However, if there is a first and second, there has to be a last.Omega is the final and 24th letter of the Greek alphabet.

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