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The other person (or people) are ‘all mighty’, ‘all powerful’ and you decide that they have the power to be and do a lot of things in the relationship, which automatically puts you in the position of being the ‘weak’ or ‘weaker’ party.

If you’ve been involved with people who are reliant on you having little or no boundaries, then you’ll know that the other party has appeared to hold ‘the powerbase’.

) Last time DJ John from Aria Melody DJ shared one of his awesome playlists on Bridal Musings – 13 Alternatives Songs For Your Walk Down The Aisle – it got such a great reaction from you lovely lot.

You’re not someone without power but you are someone who doesn’t seem to think they deserve their own power and like I talked about in my previous posts on understanding why people don’t see their qualities and characteristics accurately in relationships, choosing limited relationships, gives you limited experiences, gives you limited results.

I have women say to me ‘Another woman would have put her foot down and told him to p*ss off if he said that to her’ – well rather than accept, complain, and lament, put your foot down and tell him to p*ss off!

A person doesn’t need to physically say or do something to take your power.

As a young child, Brown was called James Brown is of Native American, specifically Apache,(so that’s where all that whoopin’ and hollerin’ comes from?

LOL) descent through his father, and also of African-American and Asian ancestry. When Brown was two years old, his parents separated after his mother left his father for another man.

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