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But "it's absolutely increasing," Capistrant told My Health News Daily, "and now that you've got those 4G phones where you can videoconference from your cell phone, it's going to be much more common." For some, the question is not whether to video-chat with patients, but rather how to strike a balance between video and real-life appointments.Smith won't use a webcam or Skype software exclusively to see patients who are far away, and prefers to have at least a few in-person appointments before agreeing to a webcam visit.But nothing can replace real-life contact with a patient, doctors say.There are nuances to medical conditions that can be conveyed only during face-to-face interactions.

"It can't be a routine thing," Gitlow told My Health News Daily.In the winter, a mountainous region of California that the locals call the Grapevine is plagued by severe weather.The highway that winds through it is coated with snow and ice, making travel between central and southern parts of the state difficult and, sometimes, nearly impossible. Gregory Smith, who specializes in treating chronic pain and prescription drug abuse, can't make it from his office in Los Angeles to his Fresno clinic.the level of protection they want on their medical information," Capistrant said.Further, video appointments may change the way doctors bill their patients.

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