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It is located close to the place of a friend of mine where I was staying when I did this exploration. From there to the first building is a short stroll of about 200 meters. First of all, being so close to a main road increases the adrenaline.

That’s where you can park your car and enter the premises. But let me tell you: this was the creepiest place ever.

A couple of years later I saw a new published “geocache” and taking a look at the location map I confirmed my first suspicion: the box had been planted right on that mysterious spot. Actually it took me about a year to find the right conditions for a visit (some company with a car). During the turmoil which embraced Portugal in the years after the revolution, the hotel was taken by several revolutionary movements, from the radical left wing.

The school is in better condition and you can visit the class room and, of course, stand in the outdoors playground, where nothing remains but the laugh and talk of the kid’s ghosts. There is asphalt road passing just in front of the remaining buildings, and then no fence, no problem, just explore around and have fun.Discover what's your favorite among all membership porn sites, top rated sex cams, FREE dating sites and the highest paid adult film stars.If you think you already saw the greatest porn material, take a look at our list with over 300 porn paysites!The first mass service took place in 1783, but in 1824 the royal law of abolition of religious orders brought the monastery to its end, although the church remained active at least until the early 20th century.There are a few farmhouses around, which, apparently were still being used in the 80’s. Entrance of the building: N 38° 34.431 W 008° 11.619 The first contact I had with this place was through the window of a rolling train.

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