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I applied for two Telkom lines in July 2017, a Business Line and the 2nd line a residential wifi line.

The Business line were installed quickly and without any problems.

I let it slide thinking they would have cancelled there after, only to realise later in the year that they had still been taking the charge.

I called them and the consultant I had spoken to was...

They refuse to refund me and just keep on replying that I signed for a automatic renewal.

I would like to have their website shut down, they are taking money from innocent people in an illegal manner.

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I could not get my parcel bcoz the name differs from mine ans the id number is also wrong.

MTN allowed three numbers to be opened on my current line which is 0722060507 and was given reference numbers 833592647.

MTN used to debit from my account up until September after this fraud on my account.

Now i gave them a call immediately after seeing this.

Still to date they hv not yet come back to me, when i call them, they are giving me a run around and no one is willing to help.

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