Sample profiles for internet dating

I have guy friends who literally write the same thing every time: “Hi [girls name], how are you?

” If you are semi-good looking and get plenty of matches, a simple opening line can be a good option since you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about it. I like to ask a question so it encourages a response.

Here are some Do’s & Don’ts on your Tinder photos: I certainly don’t mean physically aggressive.

When you are matched up with someone, don’t wait for them to contact you … Breaking the ice on Tinder & sending the first message is more of an art than a science.

Casual could be fine as long as the relationship is not taken too lightly, and a serious commitment is good as long as we are not tying ourselves down immediately.

Most of all, I want to enjoy where I am and who I am with.” That’s a clearer statement showing more of what you are looking for in a relationship.

Though each site is unique, the following are general tips that you can use on any site to boost your profile. If you want to be a casual dater, let it be known; some of you may prefer to date with more seriousness; let that be in your profile.

Often online daters will say on their profiles, “I’m open to anything playful or serious – whatever comes along.” Although that may be good and true for some, it can possibly come off as too steady for casual daters, not committed enough for serious folk, and/or too indecisive for all.

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