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CONSULTATION PROCESS APPENDIX A: BUILDING CODE CHANGE PROPOSALS APPENDIX B: PROPOSED BUILDING CODE CHANGE IMPLEMENTATION TIMELINES APPENDIX C: ONTARIO’S BUILDING CODE SUPPLEMENTARY PROCESS APPENDIX D: ONTARIO’S BUILDING CODE AND CODE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS The Ministry of Municipal Affairs held a comprehensive consultation in the fall of 2016 on changes being considered as part of the next edition of the Building Code. CONSULTATION DISCUSSION ITEMS: POTENTIAL LONGER-TERM BUILDING CODE ACT AND BUILDING CODE AMENDMENTS 5.The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is responsible for the administration of the Building Code Act and Building Code.The Building Code works in conjunction with other legislation, regulations and standards, such as: Many of the proposed changes to the Building Code included in this consultation document would work in conjunction with potential changes to other legislation, regulations and standards.Between 19, buildings sector emissions per square meter improved significantly.However, total emissions still rose due to population and economic growth, and increased building floor space resulting from both new buildings and additions.

However, the Building Code does apply to new construction and to areas of a building undergoing renovation; so this document includes energy efficiency requirements for renovations.

For more than a decade, Ontario has been a North American leader in energy efficient Building Code standards.

The 2012 Building Code maintained this leadership and increased energy efficiency requirements for houses and large buildings, through provisions which came into effect on January 1, 2017.

It is divided into two parts – this Overview and 25 detailed Technical Building Code Change Proposals: Ontario’s Building Code is a regulation made under the Building Code Act.

It sets out technical and administrative requirements related to the construction, renovation, change of use and demolition of buildings.

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