Dating in sault ste marie

Native American settlements, mostly of Ojibwe-speaking peoples, existed here for more than 500 years.

In the late 17th century, French Jesuit missionaries established a mission at the First Nations village.

Marys River in Ontario, Canada, close to the US-Canada border.

The Old Stone House was built for independent fur trader Charles Oakes Ermatinger in that same year.

John Siveright, a North West Company clerk, took up private residence at the Ermatinger house, but was transferred from Sault Ste Marie shortly after in 1823 to take charge of the Fort Coulonge district.

Palynological studies indicate that: (i) pollen is poorly preserved in woody peat, probably due to oxidation at the time of deposition, (ii) pollen is preserved in lagoonal marl that has remained below the ground-water table after deposition, but (iii) pollen is destroyed by oxidation in similar deposits that have been subaerially exposed for several thousand years.

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