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If you really want to fully enjoy this gay man’s chat site, you’ll want to add your credit card details to your profile.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to go into private sessions with the performers, email them, rate their shows, and even get alerts when your favorites are online.

As with the prior film, some brief shots of genitalia were apparently trimmed; again, no major loss.

The disc includes two commentary tracks; Clement and Westby take the microphone first along with makeup artist Paul Semande for a fairly technical track, comparing the process of making the film to the first one and explaining the ins and outs of crafting a production with minimal resources.

Other extras include the trailer, a promo for Clement's Binge and Purge, a tongue-in-cheek "RCANA Membership Game" featuring multiple choice questions, a still gallery, and a rather squishy Easter egg.

"From the depths of hell, the dead have returned to walk the earth!

This easy to use setup makes finding and checking out the adult performers a snap, with the ability to narrow down shows by niche, age, race (and even a few non-adult shows).

You can check out each performer for free, or spoil them rotten with tips.Much looser and goofier is the second "bad guy" commentary with Nesbitt, De Pape, and actors Dustan Roberts and Robin Thomson; they seem to be having a lot of fun reliving the film while detailing the process of crafting one's thespian craft while surrounding by gunfire and innards.An 18-minute documentary compiles some amusing behind-the-scenes footage, showing the creation of the special effects and climaxing with a funny bit involving one larvae-covered performer chomping on raw meat (and subsequently falling ill, not surprisingly).Human society splinters into a number of factions, with the largest one, RCANA, housed in a compound containing military officers and a charismatic motivational speaker, Bill Wilhelm (Rob Nesbitt), whose demonstrations involve zombies on chain leashes.Nemesis can't keep her fangs off an officer or two, but far worse are the Clockwork Orange-style brainwashing techniques used by the soldiers and the nutty Dr. Meanwhile the undead menace grows until all hell finally breaks loose in an orgy of gut-chomping and explosions.

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