Dating and romance arab emirates

Prime targets are divorced ones, widow(er)s, elderly and disabled persons: all different types of people that may be more susceptible to fall into their trap.Scammers especially target older people since those may be less experienced on the Internet, and are often not as tech-savvy as younger ones.33% of the survey’s respondents said they had no one to confide in, and that is exactly what romance scammers are counting on: the increase of lonely people goes hand in hand with the increase of romance scams.Last year only, studies showed that more than million dollars were stolen due to romance scams in Australia.There are two types of victims in romance scams: not only the ones that will suffer financial extortion and emotional pain, but also those who’s photos or entire profiles has been stolen.This usually affect trusting-profile people all over the world, especially military men and women, as well as any professional working in a foreign land.

A recent survey showed that 82% of Australians think that “loneliness is increasing”, a concealment for saying they are the ones who actually are lonely.

During the relationship, criminals trick their lovers into sending them intimate photos or videos.

They then use those footages to blackmail their victims by threatening to make them public or to send them to friends and relatives, if they don’t receive the ransom.

That helps them to stay undercover and avoid detection from dating websites or apps.

Scammers then spend weeks, months and even years building the romantic relationship with their victims, even sending them gifts, flowers, as well as poetry and passionate messages to trick their victims to fall in love with them, and lower their defences.

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