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They’ve been told the lie that a “woman of God” lets the man initiate, pursue and make things happen.

This leaves women feeling powerless—as though they have no control in their relationship status and no right to take initiative themselves.

I’ve been pretty outspoken about how I feel about this subject.

Twenty years after the I Kissed Dating Goodbye movement, we’re finally learning to lighten up about dating. I’m a firm believer that dating in high school is something that teenagers should do without—the problem is that too many people then take that mentality long into adulthood.

True Love, reaching millions of people with the message that healthy people make healthy relationships.

Just as the number of singles is rising in churches across the country, churches across the country are axing peer-specific singles ministries.

If you’re at that point in life, here’s an article I wrote with some basic how-to’s of asking someone out on a date.SEE ALSO: Singles in the Church: A Compelling Role to Play Is this yet more proof that the evangelical church still doesn’t know how—or want—to deal with singles?Or, might this simply be an indication that the community for which evangelical singles say we’re looking shouldn’t be based on marital status?If you want to get to that point, consider taking my 21 Days to Jump Start Your Love Life e-course.I think this is a really legitimate concern, and one in which I hope and pray the Church will listen and begin to fill the needs of this generation.

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