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Just like any other part of a person’s body, not all penises were made the same. and by that I mean that not all guys are circumcised.You just simply pull the foreskin back and wash it, thats what I do. But after doing my clinicals and having to take care of men that were not circumcised and cleaning them every day... I can understand choosing circumcision as an adult if you have medical complications which makes it neccesary, but circumcising small boys who can't say "no" because they can't even talk yet is just... So anyway, would you be with a man who isn't circumcised?I even think it's more difficult to wash a vagina than a unicrumcised penis, It seems that way anyway. I guess I'm specificly asking American women since in Europe and most of the rest of the world women are obviously fine with it because it's mostly just in America where boys get circumcised.There are lots of guys out there who have a foreskin on their penis and are uncircumcised.If you’ve never seen one, you might not know how to handle it, and you’re probably not alone there.

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