Checklist on values in dating

Although every woman is different and has different things on their checklists, this is a list of qualities that MOST women evaluate prior to deciding if he’s the man for her.[Read: 20 personality traits combinations that create the perfect ideal guy for a girl] #1 Is he physically attractive to me? Either you think he’s cute or you don’t—and if not, he’s already in the rearview mirror.If he’s moving to Boston (far away from me), would it even make sense to be with him? No woman wants to get involved with someone, only to realize that their futures are on completely different paths.

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If we have differing views as to what is right and wrong, it could lead to a lot of problems in the relationship.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not the only tool we use to evaluate the men we date, but it is very important. Women have a tendency to get flustered and excited, and just dive in to whatever new relationship has caught their eye.

For a long, long time you’ve probably heard the saying that he “checks off everything on my list.” But did you know that there really is a list women use? Sometimes, we forget about the important things—other than how fantastic his abs are.

#11 If I got pregnant and passed away giving birth, would I trust this man to raise our child the way I would have?

Okay, okay, this one seems a bit outrageous, and that’s because it’s one that’s on my personal list.

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