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The Cle Elum Telephone Museum is an amazing piece of northwest history. Because Cle Elum was one of the last cities in the country to still use manual telephone switchboards.

These days, most people have never even heard of such a thing!

From Ellensburg head west on I-90 and take Exit 84 (Cle Elum). In less then a mile turn left on Spring Chinook Way.

The main office to the Cle Elum Fish Hatchery will be at the end of the road.

This was once the busiest intersection in Ellensburg.

If you look west from this building, the old train depot still stands at the end of Third Avenue.

Upper County resident, Peter Giovanini, built this structure.

Upstairs there are 27 individual rooms off corridors lit by five different skylights.

This building was at one time called the Arcade Building due to its unique arched windows.Today the museum is administered by the Roslyn Museum Board with President Scott Templin and staffed by our wonderful volunteers.The museum is a reflection of Roslyn, it's tenacity, love of life and the richly seasoned ethnic mix that once represented more than 20 nationalities, and still does in the genealogy of it's inhabitants and former residents.Central Washington is jam-packed with coal mining, railroad, timber, agriculture, education and many more intriguing topics.Visit a wide variety of museums and historical sites that have emerged to pay tribute to these topics.

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