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I should have run but me being me I thought this was going to be easy pickings.

She walked right up to me put one hand on the bar stool and her other on my upper thigh.

Almost biting down and sucking hard as she jerks my cock and helps the tube do halfway into my cock. The tip lying on the bed pointed out in front of her and the veins were huge and her nuts were like oranges in a grocery sack hanging halfway down to the bed.

Still jerking and not pushing anymore she whispers "all finished stud". As she is on her knee's a cocks hanging between them. And just as I am about to say something she shoves her fingers into my mouth and grips my bottom jaw, nails in my tongue and she says to me.

The feeling making me shake and moan as she fucks my cock in hers and her cock vanishes into the tube fully and half my cock is in hers. Then I feel it and her moan turns to a grunt and almost yells. My tight six pack slowly growing as I feel her cum filling my guts. Shaking and moaning as I feel shot after shot flow into me.

She lets loose a cum shot that I swear is so hot I feel it burn my cock tip and the pressure sending it into the tube. Watching her balls go from hanging to shivering up just a little bit.

Turning around and sitting back on my face she grins and tells me to eat her asspussy. Not thinking as I smell and fall into the scent of her sex and morning ass smell.

Now I watched her come in with wide eyes as she looked around the bar and she caught tight eyes right on me and I think I even saw he smile like I was some meat in her sights.I swear her pinky gripped my crotch, and hopped into the seat next to me in a way she made her tits bounce on her tight4 pack tummy if it wasn't for the bra you would see her hit her own face with them. I grinned and nodded and she ordered 5 shots each as the bar tender smiled like he knew something and I should have noticed something but I think the tender poured from different bottles.So we began talking and slowly shot after shot I became more and more drunk.My eyes still wide and she is gently jerking my cock, grinning while shoving her tit into my mouth. Moaning as I try to please her she whispers and moans. If you scream I will shove that tube all the way into your cock. And I speak pleading that this wasn't what I meant about new. Moaning as she slowly pushes the tip in and out of my mouth. Sucking and doing as I am told she leans over and pulls a long tube from the stand. She looks down and grins "this is your new pussy stud"."we are going to have to get back to that sucking later". My eyes looking at the most perfect woman in my life. Making it so you can't get small and tying a string around it so tight it will grow purple, puss up, and fall off. Grinning as she lifts her cock and it falls on my chest with a thump. She pulls her cock from my mouth as it's getting harder.

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