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Most importantly I'm working on conquering my fear of uncertainty.

I have been pulled into many directions right now, recruiting for jobs in West Africa and dating someone there. He was nice, but I eventually came to accept that he's not looking for a relationship and isn't into me in that way.

Being a part of these women's lives and helping them transform pain and heartache into happiness and love brings me great joy.

If you are like these women, you're successful in most areas of life and haven't yet found the love you desire and deserve.I have more insight on my responsibility in a relationship - I will no longer accept a "victim" role.I am empowered to view a relationship as an opportunity to improve me, not to change the other Janet was also helpful in helping me to identify my top passions and to focus on what I want as opposed to what I don't want. Am single looking for a decent lady to settle down with . Someone who likes walks and enjoys cuddles and cooking and laugh Single man, 1927, United Kingdom, England - London, Barking.

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