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I want to meet a man with whom we will understand each other. I plan to visit USA, therefore I wouild like to find man for communication to improve English speaking skills. the person that I was able to care for and who care about me. There are at least several mountain dialects, which are sometimes specific to just one valley.In areas of Transcarpathia where tourism is developed locals usually don't mind speaking Russian with tourists since their grasp of Russian is often better than their grasp of proper Ukrainian.There are also small regions where ethnic Hungarians or Romanians dominate, and these languages may be heard there.The Carpathian region is experiencing a tourism boom right now.Finally, the Hutsul region west of Ivano-Frankivsk has a recognizable culture of its own that is well-known internationally for its arts and crafts and musical traditions. During Soviet times the Hutsuls enjoyed a somewhat privileged status as a sort of "postcard people" and were left largely to themselves.

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The Carpathians and Transcarpathian region (everything west of the main ridge of the Carpathians) are quite interesting culturally and historically, with a mixture of ethnic groups and historical ties.

Settlements in Lviv oblast seem to have a more recognizably "Ukrainian" culture, since historically they had more interaction with Ukrainian towns such as Lviv and Stryy.

West of the main Carpathian ridge in Transcarpathia is a band of poor and undeveloped mountain settlements that are more like similar mountain cultures in Poland or Romania.

All forms of tourism are growing, including hotels, skiing, and eco-tourism.

When they start building new railways and good roads, we'll know it's serious! Locals rent out inexpensive rooms with varying levels of comfort, and often will feed you, too.

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