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They're great for when you do want to show msn emotions but the laziness has kicked in or when you really want to get your message across very fast. Abbreviations such as 'lol' and 'G2G' seem to be commonly used in msn messenger or yahoo messenger chats.

It will help you understand the text chat lingo by providing the definitions to 700 frequently used text chat abbreviations. If you want to know more about the original text style of msn emoticons, take a look at the emoticon style guide for text emoticons that we've created.A very dope photographer based in Detroit, she's shown love for my art so I had to cook up something for her birthday.Good, because here's another name you should probably know already and if you don't, slip on soap (not really though, we here at Pepsi Madness condone safe soap usage).TR: I’ve read that you were accepted at some top universities in the UK , but chose to pursue music first.You have to do what you love and that was music for me.

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