Problems updating garmin nuvi 250 maps

Hi I've just bought the Garmin - it is taking hours to update maps. I stopped it a couple of times blaming he computer for running slow but now I'm not so sure it is the computer.

All other downloads (GPI POI file updates) are much faster.

Web Updater installs software updates on the nuvi 250 that may fix problems or improve the device's functionality. Connect the nuvi 250 to your computer via the supplied USB cable.

I was told to close Garmin Express and restart the program.Note, however, that the 1340 LMT may have a larger file to download, so it may take longer.Sometimes (depending on internet connection speed, time of day) the process could be very long. Pete, you are right it's not your computer and it's not your internet connection. I have three devices and all of them take hours to update, even having the maps downloaded. The USB speed I'm seeing for the nûvi 260W is just 92.5 KB/s!!I suggest you, if time elapsing seems to be exaggerate, to stop and restart the download (last Garmin European map update was 3 hour download! I have a 265W and am getting a transfer speed of 480 KB/second on a file that is already on my computer.) Sometimes (depending on internet connection speed, time of day) the process could be very long. I am in 9th hour of downloading and upgrading my Garmin GPS. I have been on hold for that minute for almost an hour!!!! Wonder if anyone has had success with a different cable or if some of these older 2010-2012 units are just plain slow with any usb transfer.

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