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The series was produced by Crackerjack Productions.It first premiered in February 2003 in the new wave of Australian sketch comedy shows being launched across the free-to-air channels along with Big Bite and skit HOUSE.The sketch will always end with the following lines: When Comedy Inc.began in early 2003, it held the pm Thursday timeslot for two years before moving to pm on various nights in 2005, when it was moved around in attempts to improve ratings."Berni (with an 'i')" (Taheny) was a 10 part skit about 'Berni' and her pathway to fame.Also featured Oxenbould as her flamboyantly gay ex-fiancé.The episodes were aired at a later time, because of the content.

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Their respective catchphrases which are said several times throughout the sketch are "sensational" and "absolutely". The skit always begins with a comic strip story, explaining about an average man (who spoke in a general Australian accent) who made his own beer in his kitchen to have only had it explode, thus becoming "Blokeman".Blokeman is looked upon as a normal hero, despite his obvious "bogan" qualities (ugg boots, mullet, beer belly, broad Australian accent).He is hesitant to help when people ask and usually finds the easiest way to complete the task. Marsh, was named the president of the Santa Fe Railroad at the time the engine was added to Disneyland. was an Australian sketch comedy television series, which ran on the Nine Network from 19 February 2003 to 26 December 2007.

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