Naked iceland girl

I am ordinary person with interest to do things together, to have comfort in each other presence, to care for each other and be happy, etc. Hi I'm outgoing health type, loving the nature and animal, like food cinemas redvine. I'm do not overdrink and me partner I whish him not to smoke big issue .:-) I speek engl..” asks my mother, on our way to swim at the London Fields Lido swimming pool.My mother is a native New Yorker born on the island of Manhattan.which probably tells you everything you need to know about how alien that concept is to us Nicelanders.[The illustration above is from the hardback version of my Little Book of the Icelanders and is by Megan Herbert.] Sorry, but bacteria are not getting immune to chlorine – this is biologically impossible.We swam nearly every day, and the first time I felt compelled to explain ahead of time that you must shower, naked, with soap, before you’re allowed anywhere near an Icelandic swimming pool.

If you are strong,good caracter like me,bigger than me,sweet and smiling.

Anyway, if you are or have been a tourist in Iceland, you may want to have a gander at the video, even if it is mostly in Icelandic – if for no other reason than to hear other tourists relate their experiences of the naked shower dilemma.

And incidentally, the title on the RÚV website is pretty telling: “Had never seen her girlfriends naked” …

There was a pretty interesting report the other day on RÚV about the thing that tourists to Iceland dread the most on coming here: having to get naked in the shower before entering any of our numerous swimming pools.

Here in Iceland we are so used to showering naked among strangers at the swimming pool that we think absolutely nothing of it.

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