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Midway along the way Samantha's father is attacked by a vicious bear, leaving him critically wounded and the family stranded.Their trust in the Lord and some surprising help enable them to complete the journey.All of their adventures, good and bad, bring the Boehlers into a closer relationship with one another and make them even more dedicated to spreading the Good News. Bevere bases a good amount of his book on the assumption that 98 percent of Christian Americans are unaware they can access the power of God in their lives.This conclusion is based off a somewhat misleading survey and makes portions of the book less credible.A must-have for the Anglican faithful, the “Book of Common Prayer” has currently sold 300 million copies.” ( This is by far the top selling Christian book of all-time with an estimated 6 billion plus copies sold to date.Not only is it the top selling book of all-time but it is also the top selling book every year!Before heading off in search of Indian tribes, the group fulfills an unusual custom--marrying couples paired by drawing lots.Among the new couples are Christian and Susanna Boehler, who venture together into unknown territory to minister the Gospel.

Along with solid biblical teaching, they also share a personal journey of spiritual, emotional and sexual struggle as a young couple building one of the largest churches in world.

It's a gripping story based on historic records of what actually took place during that period.- earl weirich by David Jeremiah combines a natural (or literal) interpretation of the Song of Solomon combined with practical and insightful tips for married couples.

This is not a deep textual study for those looking to unpack the Jewish history or various interpretations of the Song.

The book contains all the liturgical services and prayers for worship within the church.

It was the first book to contain all major prayers and manuscripts used in the Anglican liturgy in one volume.

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