Jackson guitars serial dating diane gaidry dating

\n Anybody know anything about Jackson's Serial numbers.

The only information I can find is about their american made guitars.

The last clue I got is that it's from 1998 but can't tell as Im not the original owner and he didn't tell me anything about it Jackson RR3 (for what it seems ...Theoretically you could buy a perfect copy right down to the serial # and color. I have purposely stayed away from the old San Dimas Charvel guitars because I knew that someday this would come out and every one of them will come under suspicion.There is only one way to get a real one and be 100% sure.Anyway, I have a KE3, which I think was made in Japan. The serial number is 9812052, just in case anybody knows what they're talking about.Jackson Guitars started off providing quality American-made heavy metal guitars to popular artists, headlined by Randy Rhoads. I purchased an electric jackson about 6 years ago as a teen (paid about 0 CDN) and would love to know more about this model.

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