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When it came to the lie detector results, it appeared that he had been telling the truth and hadn't cheated on Avril.

But despite passing the test and proving he hadn't been unfaithful, viewers were still outraged by the relationship.

She then tells the camera, “I’ve been on some weird f–king dates before, but I’ve never dealt with this.

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And even though she admitted she knew Macauley had been unfaithful twice in the past, Avril said it was only because he thought she had been with another man.

She explained to Jeremy: "I asked him why he done it and he said it was because Paige was causing loads of trouble and put it into his head that I was cheating on him." Later in the show, Katie, an ex-girlfriend of Macauley appeared on the show with her friend Vicky - and they too accused him of being unfaithful.

“Well, there’s probably something I should share with you — very interesting information that I found out,” Nathan says in the sneak peek.

Thore asks with a laugh, “What, did you go to a psychic or something?

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