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With letters of introduction to Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, George Flower, Heidi’s great, great, great grandfather, immigrated to the U. His father Richard followed and they were both actively involved in trying to establish a just community model for the common people.On her paternal grandfather’s side, the Knotts were also an English family of Huguenot descent.

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At one point a great, great grandfather was a stockbroker – as was Henry until his retirement.They lived in a town situated next to the very first oil producing well, in Dhahran.“The company constructed a whole town for 3000 American employees.I met with Heidi at her home on Signal Ridge and after a delicious lunch, for which her husband Henry Gundling joined us, we sat down to chat…Heidi was born in Los Angeles in 1949, the oldest of three children born to Lorna Duthoit and Harold Knott…

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